1. One entry per household.

2. Submission must include a picture of items and a written list of what items are included.

3. All entries must be uploaded to the EPCB Carnival Facebook Site or emailed to no later than Saturday August 7th at 4:00 pm.

4. Winner(s) will be notified through Facebook Messenger or email.

5. By entering a submission, you are agreeing to have your name published on Facebook and the Carnival Website should you win.

6. Prizes will be awarded as follows (one prize in each category, in the event of a tie names will be placed in a hat and a winner will be drawn at random):

  1. Most items collected

  2. Oldest piece of carnival memorabilia

  3. Most creative

All items can be found locally.

1. 1 Wild Rose

2. 1 piece of seaweed

3. 1 piece of driftwood

4. 1 half of a clam shell – not broken

5. 1 crab

6. 1 elastic from a lobster claw

7. 1 piece of rope

8. 1 piece of saltwater taffy

9. 1 all white beach rock

10. Sand from Silver sands beach

11. 1 picture of the Cow Bay Moose

12. 1 piece of sea grass from Rainbow Haven

13. 1 picture of the fighter jet in front of the Shearwater Aviation Museum

14. The Lodge number of the Buffalo Club

15. The number of parking stalls in the middle row of the Lions Club Parking lot

16. A picture or description of the image shown on the Hartlen’s Point Golf Club Sign

17. 1 key chain or post card showing Eastern Passage, Cow Bay or Shearwater

18. 1 piece of EPCB Carnival Memorabilia

19. The number of horseshoe pits the Legion has on its property.

20. The dial number of the radio station for Seaside FM.

PDF version below. Click upper right corner of document to expand.

Eastern Passage Summer Carnival Scavenger Hunt (1).pdf